Single Multi Blade Segments

Single and Multi Blade Segments

Single Blade Segments

Being a professional in the construction industry you know that keeping the tools clean and maintained is the key to the business process. The downtime of machine is costing from your pocket. So how would you know where to buy these tools from? Well, we have an answer. Customers can avail from us a wide range of Single Blade Segments, offered in various standard sizes. These Stone Cutting Segments from SB diamond tools are widely acclaimed for uninterrupted performance. We are specialized in making multilayered sandwich stone cutting segments for Marble, Granite, Sandstone & Limestone in all sizes. These segments are designed for fast and smooth cutting which helps in saving power and is economical. Choosing the right Diamond Cutting Blade is the most crucial decision in the construction business. A faulty decision may lead to an increase in cost, increase downtime, decrease production, etc. There are a few key points to bear in mind when selecting a diamond cutting blade, but probably the single most important point is to use the correct blade for the material you are going to cut.

Multi Blade Segments

SB Diamond Tools offer a comprehensive range of high performance diamond tools – right from wire saws used in stone quarries to gang saws to circular saws of all sizes. We have developed revolutionary Multi Blade Segments. Our diamond cutting blades cut faster, smoother and more efficiently than cheaper imported blades and offer a longer service life, which means they offer better economy and value for money than cheaper imported blades. It will increase the efficiency of production, lower the downtime or maintenance time of the machine as well. It’s important you choose the correct blade and manage its use. Better quality blades are quite specific in the range of materials that they will cut. If you’re cutting a lot of one type of material, always try to choose a blade that is designed for that particular material, remember general purpose blades always compromise on service life and cutting speed or both.

The Final Say!

If you’re unsure which single blade segment to choose, a diamond cutting blade for granite, or a diamond cutting blade for concrete, or a diamond cutting blade for metal contact SB Diamond Tools. Our team of experts will suggest the best solution in the form of a single or multi blade segment to your concerns at a competitive and fair price.