Concrete Cutting Wire Rope

Concrete Cutting Wire Rope

If you’re looking for the best concrete cutting saw for the best cost-effective results, talk to our experts at SB Diamond Tools. Our team has a stock of a large range of wire saws that offer a solution to all your concerns.SB Diamond Tools manufacture and supply Concrete Cutting Wire Rope to meet your exact needs. Concrete cutting saws are power tools used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials.

Whether you’re looking for a concrete wire saw in India SB Diamond Tool is there for you. Our specialists can provide you with a range of cutting saws, including:

  • Cost effective concrete cutting saws
  • Cost effective concrete cutting saws
  • Highly accessible heavy-duty cutting wire saws

Concrete Cutting Wires

Because of extreme strength and adaptability, the concrete wire saw has become an unmatched tool for any company that is engaged in concrete cutting. When the traditional saws fail, innovative concrete sawing techniques are used. In this technique, the major component is the concrete cutting wires. The wire’s strength makes the machine work and does the cutting of concrete as desired. Big irregular constructions, under-water constructions, etc. are few areas where concrete saw cutting is needed. We provide versatile concrete cutting wires that have a minimum environmental impact, cause minimum noise & vibration, and has the ability to cut concrete in all directions.

RCC Cutting Machine in India


  • Low Cutting Cost
  • High Productivity
  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Straight Cuts
  • Low noise sawing


  • Wire Beads with a diameter 11.0 or 12 mm
  • Optimum metal bond with high wear resistant and fast sawing diamond
  • Fully usable diamond / bond thickness
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