Diamond Wire Saw Rope

Diamond Wire Saw Rope

We Offer The Most Complete Product Innovation In The Diamond Wire Saw Rope Market

SB diamond provides excellent quality Diamond wire saw rope for both single and multi-wire Sawing machines. The well designed wire saw rope is made to deliver the best performance at the lowest cost. We as a leading Diamond wire saw rope manufacturer, and are using the best quality material, flexible wire with no springs to increase your productivity. Our rope is manufactured with the latest sophisticated technology that results in a smooth and flexible design which is the best fit for cutting marble and granite. Our aim is to add value to our client’s process by reducing their waste, cost and increased efficiency.

Our premium quality diamond wire saw rope is suitable for all granite quarries. It is coated with rubber and suitable for high-powered wire saw machines that cut a large area in stone quarrying process. Reduce your cost of operations, with good cutting results, low breakage ratio and increase efficiency with the best diamond wire saw rope manufacturer and supplier. We are appreciated by our clients for meeting our deadline and maintaining good relationships with our customers.

Diamond wire saw rope manufacturers


  • Quarry Rope : Quarry rope(QR)
  • Diameter (mm) : 11.5MM, 12.0MM
  • Length :As per customer specification/Requirement