Diamond Saw Blade for Precast Concrete Cutting

Diamond Saw Blade for Precast Concrete Cutting

Is it Time to debunk these Popular Myths about Diamond Saw Blades?

When you think about the toolbox of a handyman, diamond saw blades are a fixture. It is because these cutting tools are extremely handy and versatile. Therefore, they are worth the investment of a contractor.

However, it happens sometimes, contractors do not get satisfactory performance from these blades. They buy diamond saw blade for precast concrete cutting with an expectation of longer performance, but they experience much faster wear out than expected.

It happens because they get trapped in a few popular myths. Owners give many instructions and tips about the right use of them too. Among all the tips, several are myths and misconceptions. When you wish the diamond saw blade to reach its standard life span, it is essential to bust these myths.

Let’s understand some of them.

Your blade lasts longer if the segment height is big and tall

It is not a true statement. The life of a diamond saw blade for refractory cutting (or any blade for that matter) depends on several aspects than the segment height. They are:

  • The amount of concentrated diamond
  • Size of the mesh
  • Amount of coolant
  • The depth
  • Operating speed
  • Length of the cut and

If the diamonds are few, then the blade with a shorter segment height wears out faster than a taller segment.

In reality, metal does not play a role in the survival of the saw blade. The major role is played by the diamonds.

Though there are factors that affect the life of a diamond saw, it is definitely not the segment height.

So-called ‘cut-all’ diamonds are perfect for cutting through any material

Each blade is meant for a specific task. Some are perfect for cutting through softer material, some are for abrasive material, and some are for harder material.

If you do not use the blade for the work that it is not designated for, then there could be an adverse impact. Appropriate use of blades will save your money. For better results, you need to understand what various blades can achieve.

Cheap and expensive blades work the same

What you pay is what you get. Expensive blades have more original diamonds and cheaper blades have more synthetic diamonds. Other important factors are bond and tensioning. A good budget helps to make the products better.

You can get a plethora of diamond saw blade for precast concrete cutting or different uses, different in styles or grade of cutting. They have different chip sizes, mesh sizes, and number of diamonds. That means different blades are needed to accomplish different tasks.

Before buying a blade, you should read the specifications well. Get clarity about the myths and facts related to the diamond saw blade.


Diamond saw blades are multipurpose devices that give better performance if selected properly. It is important to read the specifications before choosing one. One should debunk the myths and misconceptions first and check the chip size, mesh size, and diamond numbers. Read the product specifications well, so that you get the best value for money.