Granite Circular Segments

Granite Cutting Segments india

We Offer The Most Complete Product Innovation In The Granite Circular Segments Market

SB Tools specialize in manufacturing segments for Circular Saws with premium quality and brilliant performance. The latest technology is used so as to ensure free cutting, no chipping, excellent sawn finish and consistency in performance.


Diameter (mm) Steel core (mm) Head Size(mm) Number Application
900 5.0 24*7.0/6.2*13(15,20) 64 Granite
1000 5.0 24*7.0/6.2*13(15,20) 70 Granite
1200 5.5 24*7.4/6.6*13(15,20) 80 Granite
1400 6.0 24*8.0/7.2*13(15,20) 92 Granite
1400 6.5 24*8.4/7.6*13(15,20) 92 Granite

Granite Cutting Segments

Being the best stone cutting tool manufacturer in India we provide the best granite cutting segments in India. Our product quality, turn around time and competitive prices are unmatchable in the market. Since our inception, we are supplying granite cutting segments to the domestic and international market and if you have such a requirement please feel free to contact our friendly sales team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.